"I have learned that way down underneath all the busyness, someone waits for us to come home to who we truly are. All it takes is a simple pause to get us in touch with the One who keeps vigil with us – the holy presence."

-- Macrina Wiederkehr

Why should I attend?

The intent of this conference/retreat is to give you time
to explore the gifts of silence and solitude and how those
gifts will enhance your life and ministry. To develop a more contemplative life, time is necessary to practice contemplation.
In order to allow time for practice, the schedule offers a focused
and expansive approach to each day. Experiencing three days of a new rhythm of living could be your threshold into new possibilities for nurturing a Transformed life.

For example:

Morning prayer followed by the practice of Lectio Divina
Noon prayer before lunch

Evening prayer followed by silence
(Led by Brad Berglund, morning and evening prayer will include contemplative elements from Taize, Iona, Renovare and others.)

One keynote talk each day with members of the team, focused on the practice of silence and solitude.

Relaxed lunch-time conversations around tables focused on helpful spiritual practices.

As a group, we'll observe the "great silence" each night after evening prayer.

Camp Dayton Oaks offers a beautiful setting which encourages us to listen to the voice of God in new ways.